As of today, I’ve been accepted to Biola University’s Graduate School of Theology, and can officially consider myself a seminary student! 

As a lot of you know, these past few months have been super stressful while waiting for my undergrad degree to be conferred (a thing that happened only last week) so that I could be accepted to grad school. This is a huge answer to prayer and I’m honestly beyond excited to go back to school again!

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ready-aim-shoot: your posts on homosexuality are Dissappinting.. I Disagree with them. The bible clearly says that Homosexuality is a sin and as a believer we should not be supporting it. Would you support a murderer? Or someone who stole? No! So Why support homosexuality? for the sake of what society thinks is acceptable? The Bible applies to today just as much as it did 2,000 years ago. Same God. same words of God.. This doesn't mean we are to hate homosexuals. We show then the love of Christ. But support?? No

Hey, I did say personal views. Homosexuality doesn’t hurt people like murdering and stealing does.

I don’t understand why we as Christians have to get so angry about homosexuality. People living together before marriage is a sin, but no one gets upset about that. If marriage is a Christian institution, then why aren’t we getting angry at atheists who get married? It’s a double standard.

As a Christian, I take love your neighbor seriously. This means desiring equality for others, and that encompasses supporting my friends to be able to get married and accepting and loving them regardless of who they love.

- Eli

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Anonymous: I've always considered myself to be an ally for the LGBT community, but recently while reading Matthew 19 it comes across as heteronormative to me so I'm unsure :/

Well, something that was written 2000 years ago in Palestine is probably going to look pretty heteronormative because of cultural and historical reasons! Doesn’t mean you can’t support equality today :)

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Anonymous: Do you think being gay/bisexual is a sin?

Personally, nope. Also, there are much bigger issues for Christians to be worrying about than homosexuality.

- Eli

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Jesus knew everything Zacchaeus had done and still loved him. It didn’t change Jesus; it changed Zacchaeus.
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God’s disposition towards us never changes. His love changes our disposition toward him.

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How far do we want to take the cliché about Christianity being a relationship and not a religion? Should we demand that books about Christianity be moved to the “Relationships” section in our bookstores and libraries? Should we write to our local boards of education to petition them to stop teaching about Christianity in World Religions classes? Should we insist that Biblical verses praising religion (1 Tim 5:4; Jam 1:27) be edited out or translated differently to accommodate our cliché?
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Born 1951 in Osaka, Japan. Arthur Hollands went to USA when he was 20, where he became the national champion at an all American wrestling tournament, won a silver medal at a Pan American championship, & came third at a national Judo championship. Baptized at 23, became a pastor and returned to Japan in ‘82 for evangelism.”

Photography: Keith Tsuji

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Even in sorrow, He can bring Joy.
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